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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Keeps me off the street

I have had a phrase since I bought this house "Well, it keeps me off the street...". A person might think that it is because owning property gave me a sense of place, confidence of where my home is. Maybe it does, but I was being more literal. I don't have the time to wander anymore.

Keeping up a 1890's farmhouse never ends. There are the seasonal items; opening the storms in the spring, Mowing in the summer closing everything back up in the fall, snow removal in the winter. Then there is the re-occurring maintenance; exterior paint, clearing blocked drains, etc. Then it gets into repairs. Fixing a blown outlet. Replacing a bad motor in an appliance. Broken windows. Maybe a leak hear or there. Replace an aging heat plant or water heater. Then comes remodeling. Strip some wall paper and repaint. Maybe a new bathroom. New counters in the kitchen. And if your really ambitious, maybe there will be expansion projects. Add heat to a room that had none. I don't have time to run the streets like I used to.

Right now I am trying to solve a leak on the front porch. I have repainting major areas staring me in the face. I am trying to get the winterization projects finished (plastic on the back storm door, cover any windows without storms). I need to convert the radiant floor from an open domestic over to a closed system off the steam boiler. I have a long list of less important remodeling items. Repairing flaws on the wallpaper, dings on the molding. Kitchen cabinets for my wife. Putting up shelves. I can't say or hear that without thinking of the threes company episode.

And on the seventh day, I try to blog a little.

I have a home I have a place and some days it threatens to consume me.

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