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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Now there are none

We finished off the last four the turkeys today. Along with the turkeys, we culled our older hens and slaughtered this years roosters.

We've been plucking the turkeys by hand all fall, but for this slaughter we rented a plucker. We wanted to try one out and see what they were like. See which styles work well. I have seen tiny ones to attach to a drill advertised, rotating drums and tub varieties like we rented. We rented a tub style one. I do think the tub style should work well for turkeys, but the one we rented didn't work out well for us. It worked OK for the chickens, but not for the turkeys. The turkeys would get stuck, a foot or head or whatever getting caught between the spinning plate and the tub wall. The turkeys just didn't tumble effectively, so they didn't get plucked. The guy we rented it from said it would handle upto 35 pound birds, and ours were only about 25 lbs live weight.

In all fairness, I think our scalding wasn't optimal either, but this plucker just banged the birds up too much. Even the chickens got beat up.

I am glad the birds we did today we not for customers, they wouldn't have been saleable.

I still think that a tub style plucker will work. I have heard very good things about the featherpro machines. We'll be looking to try one of those next year. I am glad there won't be another opportunity till then. I am done with processing turkeys for a while.

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