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Saturday, February 19, 2011

64 x 80 = 5120 / 144 = 35.6 square feet

64 x 80 = 5120 / 144 = 35.6 square feet

Those are the approximate dimensions of the bathroom in the Elle, our private space.

It's not very big. And it has a stair that leans over about third of it. When I re-did the bathroom, I spent a long time figuring out how to fit a bathtub/shower, toilet and sink in that space. And have enough room leftover to stand up straight. It's obvious now, but it wasn't obvious to the previous designer. A man by the name of Barrel, or maybe Barrow. It was a long time ago, anyway.

I was thinking about this, because I was brushing my teeth while my wife was finishing her shower. I had to squeeze over so she could exit the room while I finished. It's a little bigger than a closet, but not a lot bigger.

For a variety of reasons, I needed to do a lot of work in this bathroom when I bought the house. I ended up tearing down all the interior plaster and lath, pulling up the rotten hardwood floor and sub-floor, putting in a new carrying wall in the basement under it rewiring it and re-plumbing it. I saved the toilet and the sink, but everything else went. One of the niceties I put in was a radiant floor in a suspended slab, which I like very much. And I changed the entry door from the kitchen to the trap room. It took the kitchen from having four doors on three walls to three which made the kitchen less of a traffic zone.

I think it has turned out well. We have a full bathroom for our private space in the Elle. And it is a vast improvement over the original pantry closet that was converted into a bathroom. We don't have a lot space in the Elle, so having a small bathroom gives us more room to do other things. And making use of what we have is what makes what we have work.


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