Art of Proprietation

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can you do any other tricks?

I have noticed I have a different lifestyle than a lot of americans. And I am not just talking about running a business that entails taking in strangers to my home. Other than the cooperative household I run (I have come to prefer that term over rooming house or boarding house), I am self employed. I do consulting work that requires a fair amount of travel. But it also means working a lot by myself, which I can generally do on my laptop from home. My neighbors have noticed that they see my car at home more often. Several have asked me if I am still working. I would imagine it is at least partially jealousy. But it is a bit presumptuous to assume that just because I don't work the way they work that I am not working.

The truth is, I work whenever duty calls. That means when I get a call on a saturday night from a client, I don't wait until eight Oclock on Monday morning, I get moving then so when the client comes in Monday morning the issue is resolved and they can keep going with their normal work week. It also means that because I work those off times, I am able to keep a more flexible schedule. I go to doctors appointments for my new son during the week. I can go to the dentist. I general, I can do business with people during business hours.

Funny that living a non traditional lifestyle allows me to fit into the tradtional world easier....