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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Goat Latte

20091011003 Goat Latte Cropped

I like a goat latte in the morning. Here's a video a friend of mine made that morning:

20091011 John Jacobsen 057 Resized

Having goats means milking every day, every day. It's an obligation, but it has its perks. Bruce, note the Canyon REO cup. When in Flagstaff, we use Canyon REO as our preffered outfitter. That cup is from a trip in 2000, I think. Damn fine cup, for the price.

20091011 John Jacobsen 075 Resized

I like to milk in the morning. We have tried it several ways, but mornings work best for me. I generally get up, put coffee in the press to steep, go out and feed the chickens. When I come back in I have fresh coffee to take up to the field when I milk the goats. While I am there, it's nice to get a little extra milk, blood warm, and foam to boot. Heddar doe doesn't seem to mind.

20091012 Panorama Milkhouse

And if I am lucky, I get a few minutes to sit and enjoy the view from the milk house.

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