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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Changes in time

For the past nine months or so I have been periodically taking a series of photos and assembling them into panoramas from one location near where we have been developing our market garden. As is always with these time stop projects, I wish I had thought to start sooner and had captured more of the changes. But we have to start somewhere.

Panoramas North 20091213 Cropped

We started with an open field that had some trees and brush grown up in it.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My trailer is a fairweather friend

I think I over did using my trailer by one day this year.

I have a smallish 5X10 flat bed trailer that I use to to move things around with. It's a road trailer, single axle and it's rated for 3800 plus 800 on the tongue. It's not big enough to move my tractor with. But it can haul about 5 yards of horse manure, maybe seven yards of wood chips. It can hold as much as I want to haul with my two wheel drive 92 GMC van.

I have been making regular runs to a horse farm about ten miles away, building up a serious pile of poo. I figured I was about done with manure for the year, but I wanted to do one more run. I wanted to cover up the goat manure I got a week ago and I wanted to make one more dent in the horse farm's pile. It's good for them, saves renting a truck or paying for hauling to get rid of it. And it's good for us, we need a lot of organic material to incorporate into our silt and sand soil.

I have been pretty spoiled with the weather. Fifties into December. Over the weekend, we just had our first snow that really stuck. I intentionally waited a couple of days to be sure the roads would be clear. When I spoke to the horse farm this morning he threw in an aside, be carfully of the downhills, there might be some ice... But it was just an aside. I figured he meant some drainage water had frozen over night.

When I got there, the farm driveway looked fine, wet gravel. It winds in, mostly down hill, until the end, where there is a little rise. But as soon as we got onto the north side of the hill, it was all solid snow packed into ice. And somehow I didn't have enough momentum at the end and I started spining short of the top. And with the trailer, there was no faking it by hitting the gas and hoping you dig in. The problem got trickier, not only could I not get up the hill, I couldn't hold where I was, I started sliding backwards. Behind me, there was a pond on the north side and a ravine on the south. The road was basically a dam that formed the pond. And I had a choice of brakes or stearing. Pretty soon, I had the trailer jacknifed and was headed for the ravine. A distinctly unpleasant prospect. In retrospect, the trailer saved me, as the ravine only got steeper. The trailer draging like that is what brought me to a stop. And even if I had manged to make it into the farm without event, I never would have made it out. The hill is twice as long and high going out.

I bent the step bumper and tweeked the bumper hitch pretty good. Other than that, I think my pride is the only thing that really suffered. Getting pulled out of the ditch is embarassing. But I stilled managed to get two loads of manure home, about 10 yards. And my pile is now full. No more manure runs till dry weather in the spring.

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